School Activities Posts Hawan

To energize ones spiritual and intellectual conscience, Hawan ceremony was performed at MM International School, Karnal to seek the blessings of Almighty for the new academic session.The sacred purifying ritual filled the school’s ambience with pious aroma and positive energies.


The Musical Meet: Making PPT

An old adage says, ‘Where words leave off, music begins’.
In the ISA Activity 3 under the project, “The Musical Meet”, the students of Grade VIII of MMIS, Mullana made Power Point Presentations on singers, musicians and instruments of the 3 countries under study-  U. K., U.A.E. and India. The students have been thoroughly enjoying this musical month ‘May’ so far.
Exposure to cross cultural music – the rhythm, lyrics, singers, musicians and  instruments – through this project will give our students an opportunity to observe  new cultures, languages, life and heritage closely, leaving them more adaptive and flexible in approach.
 MMITanians on a mission to go global.


Preparing Thematic Bulletin Boards

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people do not understand the language that you singin, theywill still know good music when they will hear it. 

In an effort to know the musical culture, singers and instruments of different countries under the # ISA Project, ‘The Musical Meet’, the students of grade VII of M.M. International School, Mullana decorated #thematic bulletin boards. Following a vigorous research on the music of #U.K., U.A.E. and India, the students gathered information about their singers, musicians, instruments and prepared posters, drawings, cut outs and information brochures for display on the bulletin boards.
The students’ joint efforts were assessed by a panel of judges. The exceptionally beautifully decorated bulletin boards grabbed everyone’s attention.
Adding international dimension to the curriculum topic, the activity has created ripples of music in the air. 
Stay tuned for soulful music in our upcoming concert, #Musical Rendezvous.


Musical Rendezvous

#Music has a universal appeal. It’s an incredible force that binds the people and nations.
The students of #MMIS, Mullanawitnessed a live concert, # “Musical Rendezvous” in the school Seminar Hall today. Organized by the MMIS Music Club, headed by Mr. Deepak Massey, the concert was the culmination of the ISA Project, “The Musical Meet”.
From the soul soothing sufi songs to peppy western numbers and heartwarming Indian melodies, anhour long musical bonanza cast a magicalspell on the audience that was packed to capacity. Ensembled with 7 mesmerizing performances by the students of VII,VIII and XI, the concert was a treat to ears.
Congratulations, the Project Leaders, Team and the Performers for putting up a great show!


ISA Activity: Talk on Green Your Lifestyle and Making PPT

Use it up, wear it out; make it do or do without.

Earth is the best gift of God to us but with our ill-practices, we have made it worse. If we don’t bring a change in our attitude towards using natural resources and adopt 3R policy- reuse, reduce and recycle, we shall be struggling for life and resources on this planet soon. 
Journeying through our ISA Project, ‘Global Citizenship: Sustainable Living’, the students of grade XI  of # MMIS, Mullana presented talks on the theme, ‘Green Your Life style’ this week. In another activity, they did research on the use of paper and recycling in #India, #Tanzania and #China. After investing a great deal of time researching the project details- consumption of paper and  recycling practices followed by these countries-  the students brainstormed the issue in groups and finally presented the statistics and information in the form of  Power Point Presentations. 
#Here’s a glimpse of our students immersed in their part of the project.


Well Won Victory!

Well Won Victory!

District Soccer Championship 2018, Under-14 boys, was played on Sunday, 15 th April 2018. The final match was between D.A.V. Senior Secondary School Ambala Cantt and M.M. International School, Mullana at S.D. College Ambala Cantt. #MMIS_ Mullana’s footballers mesmerized everyone with their skill levels and kept the opposition at bay. MMIS’s Goalkeeper, Master #Vishawjeet was awarded with the #Man of the Match award.


At the end of the match players went home with the products of their sweat, toil, determination and trophy! Well done MMITANIANS!!!! Congratulations to the winners as well as their mentor.


Mmis Earth Day Celebration

The Earth Day Celebration offers opportunities to both teach about the issue and make a tangible environmental impact.

MMIS# Mullana celebrated the Earth Day on 21st April 2018 with a great vigour and zeal. A special assembly was conducted by the students of grade V to VII. Students presented a short skit depicting how the earth is getting polluted and can be saved from the impact of global warming. The function was preceded by ‘Sapling Transplantation’ by the Principal and the students. The day was especially devoted to demonstrate a commitment to learn more about the environment and how we can help to protect it.
Various class activities such as ‘Save Earth –Landscape Colouring’ for Kindergarten, ‘Wall Hanging and Book Mark Making’ for classes I to IV and ‘Poster Making’ for classes V to VIII were organized to aware students about the Earth day.
The students of grade VIII to X were invited to put their unique ideas in ,strong> ‘GREEN THINK TANK’ to show their belongingness towards the Mother Earth. Entire staff and children pledged to continue their efforts till they could create an impact around them.


Solar Energy Converter


MMIS #Mullana# focuses on overall grooming of its students. Our students are well aware about their environment and its protection. Master Mohit of grade 8 th Ahas made a working model which conserves solar energy to be used to run electrical appliances. Such small changes add up and can make a big impact on our world and encourage others to get involved and go green. A big cheer for Mohit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!