Our Team

M.M. International School boasts of a faculty that has the capability to produce the desired goals that education is meant for. Hand-picked from highly -educated and aptitude- instilled fields, faculty of MMIS aims at fulfilling the objectives of school with utmost sincerity and dedication.

The staff endeavors to make the learning process convenient and comprehensible through the best techniques of teaching.


1 Mr Manish Sondhi MSc,MCA,B.Ed Principal 15 Years
2 Ms Pariksha Rana B.A, N.TT NTT 17 Years
3 Ms Kulvinder Kaur MSc(Food and Nutrition),B.Ed,N.T.T NTT 4 Years
4 Ms Shweta Sharma BBA PRT 7 Years
5 Ms Monika Kalra M.Sc ,B.Ed PRT 9 Years
6 Ms Anupma M.A,PGDCA,N.T.T PRT 3 Years
7 Ms Monika Kumari Phd,B.Ed TGT(Hindi) 8 Years
8 Ms Nisha B.A(Maths),B.Ed TGT (Maths) 3 Years
9 Ms Gagandeep Kaur M.A(English),B.Ed TGT(English) 8 Years
10 Ms Rashmi Gupta M.A(English),N.T.T,B.Ed TGT(English) 8 Years
11 Ms Anjali Kamboj B.sc(Non-Med), M.sc TGT(Science) 2 Years
12 Mr Neeraj Tyagi M.A(Sanskrit),B.Ed TGT(Sanskrit) 5 Years
13 Mr Ravinder B.A,M.P.Ed. TGT(Physical Edu.) 7 Years
14 Ms Laxmi M.Lib, MA, B.Ed Library Assistant
15 Ms Reena Devi MA Hindi, B.Ed PRT 7 Years
16 Ms. Sheenam B.SC, M.SC, B.ED PGT Physics 1 Year
17 Ms. Tapsya B.A, B.ED Dance Teacher 6 Years
18 Mr. Ravi B.A., M.A Music Teacher 4 Years