MM International School, Karnal keeps organizing various workshops that are meant to sharpen the students’ creativity and refine their skills and abilities in a practical manner. These workshops are good from both academics and recreation purpose.

Workshops/Programs for School Teachers

MMIS Karnal is one of those rare schools in the region which organizes various workshops/programs for teachers and motivates them to enhance their skills with respect to pedagogical and pragmatic learning. Our interactive workshops on Making lesson plans and Teacher’s Diary, Early Numeracy and Reading Comprehension, Induction Programs, Buddy Teaching, Corporal Punishment etc. leverage the faculty’s passions have been very successful and has helped all the teachers to bring about tangible results vis-à-vis teaching.

Workshops for Non - Teaching Faculty

We also organize workshop for non-teaching staff to enlighten them about a plethora of subjects ranging from personal development to sharpening the skills. The workshops on Media literacy, Child Rights, Basic Life Support etc. are few topics which helped the non-teaching staff immensely.

Workshops for Support Staff

We constantly strive to empower the support staff of MM International School for which we conducts regular workshops. The participants of the workshop include the staff from the security, sanitation, transport, electrical support, drivers and helpers. The workshop covers an array of topics like professional grooming, first aid, the significance of sanitation, disaster management etc.