Chairman Message

“He who opens a school door, brightens up the future of the entire city.” This is one of the most favourite quote I often share with people when they ask why I am so passionate about schools and education. MMIS, Karnal is one such project that was conceived to create those traditions which are the hallmarks of all good schools; a respect for the integrity and individuality of each student, a faculty and curriculum which inspires love for learning, for its own sake, and an ethos which promotes personal responsibility.

The overwhelming success achieved by MMIS, Karnal vouches for the fact that passion and precision always yield best results.

Our school is known for being the best in all fields; we have a world-class and compassionate faculty to start with. MMIS is totally committed to sports and nurtures the latent talents of the students. The school gives individualized attention providing ample encouraging occasions so that the students cultivate spontaneity and creativity and an absolutely cosmopolitan attitude.

I wholeheartedly welcome all those students who wish to create a bright life for themselves into the MMIS fold. Let us invest our collective passion for education and work to build a progressive and humanitarian society.

Tarsem Garg
Founder & Chairman
M.M. International School, Ramba, Karnal

Director’s Message

As we look ahead to the future, we envision M.M. International School as an institution that celebrates the culture of excellence and is an embodiment of values. We aim to empower our students with knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs, essential for a productive and successful life. We recognize that these goals are best achieved when the school provides an environment where educators, parents, and staff develop and follow some core values that fulfill the academic, emotional and social needs of all children.

We see education as forming a sound foundation for life-long learning. All children can learn, and we develop within each child the desire to learn, to know, to seek, and the ability to find the tools for it. This helps them become self-sufficient, responsible and productive contributors to a complex, ever-changing and diverse society.

Every day, we make collaborative efforts on making MMIS a better school, where teaching is a pleasure and learning is a joy. A school that prepares children to identify their interests early on and develop them into their passion. A school that makes them believe in themselves and think big. A school that inspires them to ‘Dare to Dream… and Aim to Achieve’ and orients them to be lifelong learners.

Join us in our mission to develop all children to their fullest potential, at a place where children love to be, and where parents rest assured that their children are being taken care of by the compassionate educators.

Mr. D.K. Tyagi
M.M. International School, Ramba, Karnal

Principal Message

A school is not just a building erected out of bricks and walls… A school is much more than just its physical form because it is the place where students create a future for themselves and teachers add value to thousands of lives. Welcome to MMIS – A school that provides value-oriented education for students belonging to all communities, states and nations. Our School aims at training and regulating children’s thinking in such a manner that they become successful men and women in their chosen field of activity and at the same time remain attached to moral and ethical values which ensure happiness and continuity of success.

What makes MMIS the best? It is the uniqueness of the learning process we follow here. The school discourages rote learning patterns and promotes creative thinking and curious learning pedagogy. All children are encouraged to ask questions, to stay curious and to think beyond the book. This interactive and innovative learning approach makes children not just successful but also passionate about every aspect of life.

What makes us proud is the fact that the values and knowledge inherited by our students are further executed by them in the society for the service of humanity.

Mr. Manish Sondhi
M.M. International School, Ramba, Karnal