Press Release

Celebrated as Founder’s Day at MMIS, Karnal.

“ You are the mentor who showed us the path, you are the philosopher who design future for us;

We pray that may your life be filled with eternal happiness and unending smiles.”

September 11, the birth date of our honorable Chairman, is celebrated as Founder’s Day at MMIS, Karnal.

For the whole school it is arguably the most important day in the school’s calendar. The school is indebted to the man who had the vision that led to the creation of the school back in 2016 and who has contributed to the leadership and vision of the school since. The school owe him a debt of gratitude – without him this fine school simply would not exist.

This auspicious day was started with a special assembly to the mark the birthday of founder mentor Mr TarsemGargJi.

The day was celebrated with fervor, zest and enthusiasm in the school. An extravaganza of activities were conducted for the students. All the activities were designed to contribute towards all round development of young MMITIANS. In addition to Poster Making Competitions, Sports activities like Fun races, Cricket Match, Badminton Match and Tug of War were also planned to make this day forgettable for the students and for the school.

At the end of the day the whole school stood together to make a commitment to do the right thing, to be honorable and to carry out the intention of our respected Founder, namely to respond to his goals for a real education.