Creative Writing

Composing Poems and Ballads

How true it that! Well, the MMITanians have been reading folktales and in turn gaining wisdom all this month. 
In the ISA Activity, ‘Creative Writing’ on the theme ‘Folk Tales’ of #Korea, #India, and #SriLanka, the #MMITanians composed interesting poems and ballads this week. Working in teams, the students of grades X and XI read a wide range of folk tales of the given countries across the week, selected the ones that appealed to them the most and put their creative skills together to give it a lyrical shape.
“Poetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge; it is the impassioned expression of beauty and art” – the quote made more sense to us when we got in hand the original, imaginative and innovative work of our young writers. Beautiful presentation of the creative write-ups by the team artists made it all the more laudable.