Festivals: Making Posters and Information Brochures

Variety is the spice of life, and the world that we live in offers diversities, differencesand variations in abundance. Through our ISA Project,  “Fesivals: A Celebration of Life”, we are making an attempt  to raise  awareness of other countries’ cultures and  customs  among our pupils. And as they say that  the greatness of a culture liesin its festivals, so, there is no better way to study the culture of a country than celebrating its festivals.
The students of MMIS, Mullna embarked on a journey to explore the cultural diversities of  7 countries-the U.S.,Japan, Ghana, Peru, Portugal, Qatar and India. To begin with, the students of IX & X studied and researched  the festivals of the above -mentioned  seven countries and prepared posters and information brochures on them, which they used in their next ISA inter-house activity, ‘Decorating Thematic Bulletin Boards’.
 Festivals promoting peace,  prosperity and tolerance among people of the world.