Green Initiatives

Green Building

Our school boasts of having a complete ‘Green Building’ with airy corridors and a lot of room for its students throughout the campus. With about 65 large classrooms, 18 learning spaces and studios, the School believes in studying in daylight rather than artificial lights.

Solar Panels

In order to meet the electricity need of the students, the rooftops of the school building have been installed with solar panels. Installation of solar panels at schools gives a double benefit – lowers the electricity bills and creates awareness among students about the use of solar energy and the renewable sources of energy.

Zero Waste Campus

MMIS takes pride in being a Zero Waste Campus. The dry and wet waste is seperately collected in blue and green garbage bins placed in every major corner of the campus. All the dry waste of the school is given away to recycle and wet waste is used for composting, thus no waste generated on school campus ends up in landfills.

Herbal Garden

For centuries, herbs have been used to treat a variety of ailments. MMIS boasts of having a huge Herbal Garden in school premises that allows children to experience firsthand the process of planting and tending a garden. 

Due to increasing globalization, oue children being alienated from traditional herbal knowledge. The worry is that if children do not develop an appreciation of these herbs, there will be no effort to conserve them. Through hands-on activities, students get knowledge about the medicinal values and purpose of herbal plants planted in the Herbal Garden.