ISA Activity: Comparative Study Of Average Ecological Footprint

Tread lightly, dear friends!

We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to tread lightly on Earth! Our apparently innocent daily decisions, usually in developed or industrialized countries, have far-reaching consequences on our planet that we aren’t even aware of. Every time we eat, switch on a light, get in a car, go on holiday or buy something to wear or use, we are adding to our footprint. 
Students of grade X of MMIS, Mullana studied and compared the Average Ecological Footprints of  India, Tanzania and China this week. After a good deal of research from different websites, they collected the data of average ecological footprints and presented this information in the form of  tables, pie charts and graphs. 
Take a sneak peek into our students’ efforts to study ways and strategies to heal the Earth.