ISA Activity: Making Posters on the theme, Go Green

The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth –Marlee Matlin
Be it in using resources, preserving nature or  protecting the environment – our approach to issues of  environmental concern is indifferent and  passive. We live believing that someone else will make efforts to save our environment or we have another planet to go to. But, alas! Neither is there another planet to host us nor  are there any chances of  replenishment of  the depleted natural resources. The responsibility to preserve Earth and its resources is entrusted with us alone.
To convey the same message to our future generation, we commenced our last, but not the least, ISA Project, ‘Global Citizenship: Sustainable Living’ with a presentation wherein the students of grade IX to XI were made aware of our  ecological footprints.  The brain-storming session on  the findings of  ‘WWF Global Living Planet Report’ ignited the much- required  spark in the students which found an expression in the form of  beautiful drawings made by our 9th  graders under the next activity, ‘Making Posters’ on the theme, ‘Go Green’. 
Look at the thought-provoking  posters made by our  Green Saviours emphasizing the global message that the future is either green or not at all.