ISA Activity: Talk on Green Your Lifestyle and Making PPT

Use it up, wear it out; make it do or do without.

Earth is the best gift of God to us but with our ill-practices, we have made it worse. If we don’t bring a change in our attitude towards using natural resources and adopt 3R policy- reuse, reduce and recycle, we shall be struggling for life and resources on this planet soon. 
Journeying through our ISA Project, ‘Global Citizenship: Sustainable Living’, the students of grade XI  of # MMIS, Mullana presented talks on the theme, ‘Green Your Life style’ this week. In another activity, they did research on the use of paper and recycling in #India, #Tanzania and #China. After investing a great deal of time researching the project details- consumption of paper and  recycling practices followed by these countries-  the students brainstormed the issue in groups and finally presented the statistics and information in the form of  Power Point Presentations. 
#Here’s a glimpse of our students immersed in their part of the project.