Press Release

MMIS KARNAL organized a special program 'Parenting and Education ' on good parenting

The sign of great parenting is not child’s behaviour..The sign of great parenting is truly parents’ behaviour…..
Parenting style is one of the most attributed issues when dealing with care for children by their own parents. Parents should be always knowledgeable about the impact of proper parenting so that their child will grow productively. MMIS KARNAL organized a special program ‘Parenting and Education ‘ on good parenting. The event was chaired by the great mentor, career coach and author Mr.VishalSood, Alumnus IIM Ahmedabad, where he addressed the parents on particular and continuing task of parents to enculturate children with values to prepare them to face the challenges in social, physical, economical, and psychological situations that are characteristic of the culture in which they are to survive and thrive.
A Drawing and Painting Competition for children was also part of this program which was really appreciable step to engage the children. Gifts and certificates were given to all participants and winners were applauded with prizes and certificates.
Program was summed up with the vote of thanks by honourable Principal. Everyone found great joy and there were positive responses from all the parents regarding the program.