Quiz & Slogan Writing

When the last tree has been cut down;
The last river poisoned, the last fish caught;
Only then will we realize, we can’t eat money.
Moving ahead with our ISA Project, ‘Global Citizenship: Sustainable Living’, this week the students of grade IX participated in the quiz, ‘Going the Green Way’. Divided into 5 teams – Nature Lovers,  Wildlife Warriors, Water Conservationists,  Forest Rangers, Saviours of  Earth, the students of grade IX  put up a great quizzical battle. After a spell of 4 interesting rounds, the Forest Rangers emerged to be the winners while Wildlife Warriors and Saviours of Earth clinched I and II Runners up positions.  
The students of grade X created slogans on the theme, ‘Live Green’. Collaborating their thoughts and ideas, these Green Warriors came up with slogans that are worth quoting – ‘Earth can satisfy your needs but not your greed’, ‘Live Green or forget to dream of future’ and many more. 
MMIS, Mullana is proud to see the students showing a tremendous interest in exploring and practicing green ways of life.