Schooling for a healthy and happy childhood


School is the main foundation of a healthy childhood especially when they allow the students and teachers to have a healthy conversation in a candid atmosphere. Such kind of schooling contributes immensely in building confidence of the students. That’s why it is important that children are sent to school which follow interactive approach of communication because education is not just about being talked to or telling students what to do, how to read and what to think; it is also about listening to and addressing what students feel, responding to their questions and queries and responding them positively without demotivating them for asking irrelevant or not popular questions.

MM international Schools at Sadopur, Mullana and Karnal are the schools where students are encouraged to speak out their mind. The healthy environment of the school has been praised not just by parents, the students and also by the outside counselors who keep coming to school for guiding the students and mentoring them in taking the right career choice. MMIS continues to organize co-curricular activities for students; these schools have pioneered the concept of conducting and organizing workshops in art and craft, science and other lesser explored fields by subject experts. MMIS schools follow a holistic approach to education and parents can get detailed information about the same in school prospectus or at school website

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